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Post by SockPuppet on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:57 pm

I am Zofia, I've made this forum because forums are better than fb. I don't like fb. I love Madomagi for its edgyness, creepy atmosphere, wonderful art, pretty music and great plot twists. My fav character is Sayaka. I looove witches! I mean, I don't like the concept of "real" witches with all the occult stuff (not my aesthetic) but witches in MadoMagi are the best!

I draw. I mainly draw witches&familiars from the show and OCs. Of course I make OC magical girls and witches. I play church organ for money. I looove Japanese music band Sound Horizon - my other fav musicians are Kalafina, Versailles and Akiko Shikata (everyone Japanese, by coincidence XD). My fav mangas/anime beside MadoMagi are Kuroshitsuji and Nurarihyon no mago. I have M.A. in Japan Studies.


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