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Post by SockPuppet on Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:36 pm

I have established a rank system for our users. Here is some info about ranks.

1. Saint - admin of the forum, the leader of our Law of Cycles. In other words, me. I may add another admin in the future if necessary. Currently there is one admin.

2. Ascended magical girls - moderators, beings guided by our Law of Cycles. Currently there are 0 mods but if the forum successfully gains many active members I will most likely add some mods, if there are volunteers.

3. Pro magical girls - honorable veteran users who have proved their merits. In order to ascend to this rank, an user must be active at least 3 months and be active around the forum. Only users who act according to the forum's rules may become Pro though.

2. Magical girls in-training - users with at least 1 month experience, who didn't violate the forum's rules badly so far.

1. Civilians - all other users.

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