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Rules of the Lair Empty Rules of the Lair

Post by SockPuppet on Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:07 pm

1. We don't make fun of the Admin's bad English.

2. We don't make fun of the Admin's bad handwriting.

3. We are nice to one another. Every other user is your friend! No mocking other users for their religious beliefs, nationality, race, gender identity, disabilities etc. We are tolerant.


We are not oversensitive. Not every statement we don't like or don't agree with is offensive.

4. We try not to discuss sensitive topics like religion or politics.


Religious or politic topics are not entirely forbidden. We just don't force our beliefs and views on other people, we don't fight over them, we don't judge other users by their religious/political views.

5. The forum is SFW. No hentai/porn, no gore/violence. Just don't. Here again, we are not oversensitive. Let's keep the forum more or less PG-13.

6. No bad words.

7. The Admin (SockPuppet; me) will answer all questions and consider all suggestions.

Have fun

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